College Level Speech Class is Life Preparation For People With Stage Fright Or Speaking Apprehension

Get Your College Education:

When I first started college classes I have to admit that it was not on my top list of importance. Even now I still admit that it is not all that important to me. The real importance is life itself and what my part in life is. College is a tool to prepare you for what life holds.

When I say that college prepares you for what life holds I do not mean that it prepares you for your career. I hear that constantly! “If you ever plan to succeed in life, you need to finish your education.” “If you ever plan to make a decent income, you need an education.” “If you want a good job, you need to get a college degree.” I could go on and on about how deceptive those statements are but the first one is still the closest to the truth.

Preparation for what life holds:

When someone says, “If you ever plan to succeed in life, you need to finish your education.” they are most often referring to financial success and finishing a college education. The statement is true but success is not based on money and education is not a college degree. Let me re-emphasize that. Success is NOT based on money and education is NOT a college degree.

When it comes to finances, I am one of the least successful people there are. I have lived in homeless shelters and in the homes of friends. I have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars that belonged to other people and have been unable to pay them back. I often feel like my life is a failure. Even now I am unable to find employment and I have no income. I live off the gracefulness of others, but not intentionally, I really do try sincerely to do what is righteous.

Real Success

When I look at my children who are 3 and 4 years old, I realize that my success will be decided by how well I communicate my love to them. They do not want my money but they want my acceptance. When I look at my wife I feel completely wretched when I am unable to provide for her financial needs. My success will be found in how faithful I am to communicate my love to her.

Speech Class:

Public speech class was a fear of mine and I was given a government grant to earn an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, which I completed without a speech class by successfully manipulating my degree completion plans to evade it. I came to a point of realization however. After seeing that my education did nothing to help me find work, I realized that my true success was dependent upon my ability to face stage fright, and communicate freely. That is why I went back to school and voluntarily forced myself to take speech class where I would be required to stand up in front of other people and speak to them as a group. It was difficult but worth it. If you are in line to take a public speech class I encourage you to not drop out but work toward your life success by conquering your fear of being rejected by others.